Yeti’s New Bags Are Built for Normal Everyday Life — Not the Wild

When Monday comes around, grab the Crossroads backpack or tote

Yeti Crossroads Backpack and Tote
Yeti's new Crossroads Backpack isn't built for weekend adventures. It's built for everything else.

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Yeti prides itself on making some of the toughest outdoor gear on the market. Their slogan is: “Built for the wild.” Their coolers, which are named things like Tundra and Tank, are “built to perform in the most extreme conditions.” And their Panga travel bags which launched back in 2017 are called “submersible gear fortresses.” In other words, Yeti doesn’t make normal, everyday gear. Until now. 

This week, Yeti launched two new bags, the Crossroads Backpack and Tote, with the explicit mission to offer people a better everyday bag. No, these aren’t submersible, puncture-proof or able to keep 100 cans of Naturdays ice-cold for a month. And that’s OK. Just as it’s best not to show up to a job interview in a tuxedo, it’s best not to show up to work with a bag meant for the apocalypse. 

Yeti Crossroads Backpack and Tote
The Crossroads bag collection is available in slate blue [pictured here], charcoal and black. (Yeti)

Instead of throwing all of their proprietary technology into one item, as they do with their outdoor gear, Yeti has edited down to the essentials for the Crossroads line. For example, the backpack features your normal laptop and tablet pockets, but they’ve added shock-absorbing foam, and integrated magnets keep pockets closed. As for the tote, it’s structured to stand up on its own and features designated pockets for computers, water bottles, folders and whatever else you need for the day.

Are they more expensive than other basic bags out there? Of course. It is Yeti we’re talking about here. But as we’ve seen over the years, Yeti is more than gear — it’s a lifestyle. And now, the company is branching out to fill the needs of daily life, rather than just your weekends.

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