These Wood-Wrapped PS4s Are for Gentlemen and Scholars Only

Helluva conversation piece

February 6, 2017 9:00 am

From supercars to speakers to George Washington’s teeth*, everything looks better in wood — even Playstation consoles. Designed by Portland-based Toast in Oregon, these handcrafted wooden covers can turn your PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro from a simple shelf dwellers into a handsome conversation piece. Handcrafted from real walnut, bamboo, ebony or ash, the wooden kit coats the entire console in seamless panels cut from a single piece of wood with perfectly matched grain patterns. The panels have cutouts to accommodate the PS4’s vents, though they can be removed if needed.

Available for just $49, the covers can be covered with custom laser engravings for an extra fee.

Game on.

*Historians have now determined Washington’s dentures were not made of wood but rather a variety of materials including ivory, gold, and lead. That whole cherry tree thing is a myth too.

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