This Tabletop Camp Grill Requires Neither Gas Nor Charcoal

The secret is in the wood pellets

August 30, 2017 9:00 am

Hands-down, there’s no substituting the flavor of wood smoke on your meats, veggies and pizza.

But you can’t always spend the hours it takes to burn a few logs and get the perfect results. Not just at home, either. Imagine all the times when a portable electric grill would come in handy: boating, tailgating, picnics in fire-prone areas.

The guys at Traeger created a fix for this with their PTG +, a travel grill that’s powered by electricity but uses wood pellets. Best of both worlds kind of deal.

The pellets are said to be more efficient than traditional wood grills because they let the grillmaster time-release denser fuel that burns just as hot as logs, while tasting better than gas and even charcoal. Furthermore, you can order different varieties of wood to suit your bbq flavor profile.

The PTG + miniaturized this same concept while adding a digital thermostat and time release and a shut-down cycle that slowly reduces heat without you having to do a thing.

Plus, the matte black box design looks tough as nails.

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