Snag Timex’s Iconic Ironman Fitness Watch for $30 Off

There's a reason military and law enforcement love this thing

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Smart watches are a distraction. You don’t need to collect personal data, analyze graphs or download apps to get into shape. You’re not Drago training for a title bout with Rocky. You just need to move. Log miles on the track or bike path. Skip the chips. Remind your arms what push-ups feel like. 

And your companion for that journey should be simple, unobtrusive and reliable. In other words, a classic piece of equipment that harkens back to the way guys trained a good 35 years ago. We speak of Timex’s iconic Ironman Digital Watch, now a full $30 off at Todd Snyder

The Ironman originally dropped in 1984, in partnership with the Ironman Triathlon, and it’s ridden a Chuck Taylor-esque wave of timeless cool ever since. The original look remains here, only Timex has made the watch more lighweight, improved its waterproof capabilities and enlarged the face (all the easier to check your splits). 

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out this review from very satisfied customer Marco M., who unknowingly dropped an InsideHook Staff Picks-worthy entry in the reviews section over at Todd Snyder:

“This watch is a triple threat. It’s rugged enough for the man who hits the gym, practical for causal days in the office, and gets the job done when out with the boys for some beers. As the product description correctly mentioned, this watch was/is popular amongst military and law enforcement. I can attest to this personally as this watch served me well both in the Gulf War, and while pushing a black and white as a rookie in South Los Angeles. Thanks for bringing back a nostalgic classic Todd!”

Couldn’t have put it better ourselves, Marco. 

BUY HERE: $98 $59

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