OK, This Drone Is a Uterus

Just wait till it hatches

August 24, 2016 9:00 am

Funny word, “drone.”

In one sense, the high-flying future of toys, photography, the post service and who knows what else. In another: a dull, monotonous thing your least favorite college professor did.

And speaking of dull and monotonous, most consumer drones today feature a fairly typical look, varying only by size and a few throwaway features.

The PowerEgg, however, features real style.

Dubbed the “perfect alliance between form and function,” the PowerEgg is a compact and portable drone that collapses into, natch, egg form. Under five pounds, the four propellers and landing struts fold into the design, making it easy to transport when on the ground.

And in the air? The PE shows off a few new tricks.

First, this might the easiest drone you’ll ever use, thanks to a choice of controllers — either a traditional two-handed unit, or a Wii-like, gesture-based device called the Maestro. Good specs, too: the Egg reaches heights up to 13,000 feet and broadcasts real-time HD video from over three miles away. For still pics and recorded video, the drone has a built-in 4K UHD camera that records 360 degrees panoramic video.

But we can’t sign off without a quick remark about the most obvious aspect of this drone: it looks like ladybits. A uterus. The womb. And you know that the designers have to know this.

Come on, “the Egg“?

But we’re not complaining; there’s something kind of great about the image of a disembodied uterus flying through the trees, making sure everything in its domain is just so. Gives a real Ma Nature vibe to the whole shebang. We’re for it, although we aren’t sure this is what people mean when they say we need more women in tech.

Originally unveiled in February, preorders start now for shipment in October, and if you order now, they’ll throw in a PowerEgg backpack. 

Don’t let us drone on.

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