These Ear Buds Eliminate All Noise — Except for Your Phone Conversation

They were designed for use in war zones

September 9, 2016 9:00 am

Thanks to Apple’s unilateral decision to wipe out the headphone jack, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with all available Bluetooth headphone options quickly.

Since Apple’s own wireless solution, the AirPods, won’t arrive until October, you have time to assess the market. And if you’re willing to wait, ORFEO offers an amazing alternative: earphones that eliminate all outside noise and allow you to make crystal-clear phone calls and hold conversations in the worst of conditions.

Like clubs, streets or even … war.

Dubbed the “world’s first inner-mic Bluetooth headphones,” ORFEO’s Sign earpiece place a mic inside the earphones to capture your voice traveling through the Eustachian tube. Due to the Sign’s physical shape, all outside noises are blocked off (a nifty algorithm helps, too).

So you can hold normal phone conversations in previously impossible locations, including, as their promo video notes, “ clubs, exercise … or battlefields.”

A few other cool things: The swipe controls for the Sign are on the earpiece itself. And the earphones use a proprietary audio system called Accudio, a software the company claims “allows reproduction of near-perfect Hi-Fi sound…[that] can simulate sounds of 1000 models of headphones and earphones.”

So it’s not like you’re giving up your favorite headphones. You’re simply replicating them.

ORFEO goes on sale soon, and a notification sign-up is available now on the company’s site.

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