Forget Bose. Your Music Needs These Porcelain Busts of Demagogues.

Hey look: Trump is finally a powerful speaker

September 2, 2016 9:00 am

The phrase “and now, let’s hear from Donald Trump” never sounded better.

Crafted by artist Petro Wodkins, these Extreme Bust Speakers from the Sound of Power are Bluetooth speakers built into porcelain figurines, serving as a tribute to “powerful people who, in their own way, played the world like instruments.”

Created in Russia and handcrafted in Sweden, the classical Busts commemorate the likes of Donald Trump, Pablo Escobar, Margaret Thatcher, Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin.

According to SOP, each piece is individually cast and polished. The speaker is made of durable and marble-like composite material, and equipped with a full range 4″ driver and built in bass reflex. The amplifier also serves as a stand.

Trump is the most recent Bust, a “shiny white man with exquisite details, including his life like expression, signature haircut, completed with a toga held together with a dollar coin.” SOP also notes “the release of Trump together with Pablo Escobar, another, in his own way, influential man, is purely accidental.”

Each statue is limited to 100 pieces, and the retail for about $2,500.

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