Wanna Move? This Algorithm Claims to Know Your Happy Place.

Greener grass, we're coming for you

March 23, 2017 9:00 am

Whether you want to live in a city where people sleep in the daytime or one with a preponderance of dry ice factories, every place will have good and bad points for you to consider.

To make the choice a little easier, listen to “Cities” and use this new app. Equipped with data about 265 cities worldwide, Teleport allows you to provide input about the things that are important to you (quality of life, rent, infrastructure, access to nature, etc.) and then compares those factors along with your current residence to find a potentially better fit.

Once you’ve gotten a list of possible fits, you can sort them by the match criteria you entered as well as by budget differences between where you live now and the city the algorithm selected.

Teleport (2 images)

In addition to the info about your potential new home, Teleport has an “Ask a Local” community that allows you to question the locals about what it’s like living in a particular city.

So does the city-sorting app actually work?

Your humble NYC-based correspondent gave it a whirl and ended up with Vienna (hated it), Munich (loved it) and Madrid (never been) as his top three best matches.

The takeaway from that is Teleport seems to be at least halfway accurate, and, a trip is in order.

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