Hide Your Swiss Army Knife. This Thing Is Coming to Eat Its Lunch.

Quite possibly the last multi-tool you'll ever buy

By The Editors
October 6, 2016 9:00 am

Don’t let its turtle-shaped body and diminutive size fool you — the GRIPsher packs as much problem-solving into its tiny frame as many a standard toolbox.

Designed by an MIT grad and a U.S. Army vet, the GRIPsher’s shape affords it unprecedented functionality. A negative space in the center facilitates its use as a bottle opener and hex wrench, while the walls around that opening house a variety of tools. Some, like the screw heads and pliers, protrude like turtle appendages, while the knife and a couple more wrenches fold into the frame, which also doubles as a file and toe pry. The green pincher at the base — aka the HEXGRIP — can be tightened to hold bits or vice-clamp onto items.

It’s currently funded on Kickstarter, and for $35, you can get one of your own, which will be delivered next spring.

Just in time to get your house right for summer.

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