The 50 Best Gifts for the Women in Your Life

And now even you cannot screw this up

December 5, 2019 11:21 am
holiday gift guide for your female partner

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Buying gifts for the ladies in your life can be a tad stressful. Mainly because you know whatever she’s getting you is gonna be good and totally thoughtful and all you got her was this Bath and Bodyworks candle.

We’re kidding (kind of). We’re not knocking your gift-giving abilities, but there’s a lot of shit out there. We agree, there are too many serums, handbags, shoes and candles to count — all claiming they’ll change her life in one way or another — and it’s overwhelming. Which is why we’ve made shopping for her a little easier and narrowed down the extensive world of woman’s products.

Below you’ll find gifts for every aspect of her life — stuff to keep her relaxed, everything she needs for her workouts and travels, items to add to her home decor and closet, winter gear, beauty products and of course, all that dazzling jewelry. We’ll leave it up to you to decide the items she’ll cherish forever, but like, no pressure or anything.

For Her Lazy Days

Baabuk Yves Slippers

If you’re looking for a long-lasting pair of slippers that are equal parts comfortable and sustainable, here they are. These felted wool slippers from Swiss-designer Baabuk are made by hand using only 100% New Zealand wool, soap and water, and they’re super light, soft and totally unique.

Cloud Cotton Robe

Made from fluffy two-ply gauze fabrication of premium 100% long-staple Turkish cotton, this robe from Parachute lives up to its name — keeping her warm, while still feeling light.

Warm Down Jogger II

The ultimate travel/post-workout/lounging on the couch pants are these medium-rise cotton-terry joggers from Lulu. Choose from eight different colors, and maybe throw in a matching crewneck while you’re at it.

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Have you ever seen a more elegant essential-oil diffuser? Offering 3 hours of non-stop aromatherapy, this hand-crafted matte ceramic diffuser will keep her at peace while effortlessly blending into her decor.

Navy Classic Flannel Pajama Set

Made from 100% cotton, this navy flannel pajama set from Petite Plume is a classic, and you can even get a matching set for the whole family.

Usual Wines

These mini bottles of wine are 1) adorable 2) easily transported and 3) contain one full glass of wine in each bottle. Available in red, rose and brut, so she never has to worry about over-pouring again.

For Her “Fitness Journey

TechSweat 3/4 Leggings

Damn near every woman at the gym is decked out in some combination of Lululemon and Athleta — allow her to stand out with these high-end options from Outdoor Voices, made with lightweight, breathable TechSweat material.

Doing Things Bra

And you better get her the matching bra — the brand’s best-selling medium support bra, made with the same TechSweat material as her (new) favorite pair of leggings.

Reebok Nano 9 Women’s Training Shoes

This shoe was built for the CrossFit community, by the CrossFit community (but don’t worry she doesn’t have to be anywhere near a CrossFit gym to reap the benefits of these sneaks). The lightweight Flexweave upper offers optimal flexibility, while the additional cushioning in the midsole provides extra support.

TheraGun G3PRO Percussive Therapy Device

For our money (and it costs a solid chunk of it, to be fair), this is the best everyday recovery tool out there right now. Designed by MIT engineers, the Theragun uses percussive therapy to encourage blood flow to tight, afflicted areas of the body. If she’s looking to fix her back, unwind her calves, or ease old strains in her hammies — after the gym, a run, a flight, or just eight hours at the office — it’s a no-brainer.

Go Getter Bag

What’s nice about this gym bag from Lulu is that it doesn’t look like a gym bag. She can go from the office to yoga with ease, with the bag’s yoga mat straps and interior padded laptop pocket.

Limited Edition Manduka Pro® Yoga Mat

When shopping for a yoga mat, the most important factor to look for (at least for us amateur yogis) is how are my hands gonna feel while I balance my entire body weight on top of them? Look no further than this limited edition, ultra-dense and spacious performance Maduka Pro mat. Unmatched in comfort or cushioning, guaranteed. Her hands will thank you later.

For Her Home

Madewell x Hedley & Bennett Striped Pocket Apron

Not only is this Striped Pocket Apron from Madewell and Hedley & Bennett — the goto brand for premium, handmade chef-quality aprons — incredibly cute, but it’s stain-resistant and features three pockets, including one to hold her smartphone, so she can easily google things like “how to dice an onion.”

Diptyque Paris Candles

Forget what you’ve heard, candles are a great gift. Or at least they are when they’re high-end candles from Parisian brand Diptyque. Each candle offers an array of delightful scents, made from rare and exquisite ingredients. But the real allure of Diptyque is their unique design, complimenting any decor and serving as a subtle brag to houseguests.

Marble Cheese Board

Even if she has that je ne sais quoi when it comes to making gorgeous cheese platters, she still needs an equally gorgeous canvas. Introducing this marble beauty that comes in three equally stunning shades and would make a Ritz cracker look to die for. 

Five Two Essential Cookware

Food52 listened to their readers’ requests and made a line of pretty stunning, super functional cookware. Choose from a collection of non-stick or stainless steel skillets, pans and pots with non-stick handles, anti-yellowing technology, non-toxic materials and glass lids with (perhaps the best part) built-in strainers.

Volcania Flutes, Set of 4

A set of bedazzled champagne flutes. They’ll look good on her table and on her New Year’s Eve Instagram story.

Wild One Pet Essentials

She loves you! But she loves her pet just a smidge more. What she doesn’t love, however, is how all her furry friend’s crap doesn’t really go with her design aesthetic. Luckily, Wild One is changing that, with an extensive collection of stylish pet gear from beds to travel carriers, leashes and more.

For Her Closet

Stella Embellished Mule

A simple, sleek silk mule-style heel with a rhinestone embellished strap. Next to looking incredibly chic, she’ll actually be able to dance in these.

Pollina Dress

Taking another page out of Reformation’s book here (sorry it’s hard not to), with this sleek mid-length slip dress. The fringe trim on the neckline gives this little black dress a bit more flair, but still maintains its super sexy look that we all appreciate in a LBD.


Two words: Indestructible tights. Which roughly translates to: every woman’s dream. Sheertex has worked some kind of magic and created a whole slew of tights in all different colors, styles and opaqueness made with their Sheertex Knit Technology that feel like nothing but are 10X stronger than steel. But if you’re lost in the world of legging options, it’s safe to go with the classic sheers.

Chanel Tweed & Silver-Tone Metal Blue Handbag

While any bag with those authentic overlayed Cs will do just fine, this blue tweed beauty is an unusual but heart-stopping sight. Leave the black Chanel bags for the basic bitches.

Ray-Bans Square 1971 Classic

A pair of Ray-Bans are always a solid gift, but while most of her friends will be sporting the Aviators, she’ll be sporting the Square 1971 Classics. They’re big, they’re bold, and they make for a solid pair of hangover glasses.

Velvet Knotted Headband

We’re not sure how or why, but headbands have made their way back into the sphere of womenswear. And we’re not talking simple, cloth headbands, we mean statement headbands, with velvet knots and decorative pearls. If she’s the kind to take a fashion risk, she’ll love this green velvet headband from Ann Taylor (and she’ll be impressed that you’re ahead of the curve).

For the Cold

Women’s Saltwater Wool Embossed Duck Boot w/ Thinsulate™

Sperry added some cozy wool to their classic waterproof duck boots — and the result? A stylish boot that’ll keep her comfy, warm and dry.

Cashmere-Lined Leather Tech Gloves

These leather gloves are lined with cashmere and feature touchscreen technology in the fingertips. And, for an extra $10 you can have them personalized with her initials.


Yes, you read that name correctly. This camel wool coat from one of our fave eco-friendly brands Entireworld, features recycled paper buttons and has that oversized look to keep her on-trend and also make her the coziest human being alive. (And it’s unisex so you could even share!)


Whoever said socks are a bad gift must’ve gotten some pretty uncomfortable socks. You, on the other hand (or foot), will not have that problem with this box of five hand-picked, nice-as-hell pairs from American Trench’s FW19 collection.

Pick-A-Pom Ribbed Beanie Base

To pom or not to pom, that is the question. She needs a winter hat with options, and Anthropologie has the perfect cozy, customizable one. All you have to do is choose your beanie style and a pom (or two).

Glossier The Skincare Set

The Skincare Set

The importance of moisturizing during the bitter winter months cannot be stressed enough. Luckily Glossier — her favorite skincare brand — reign supreme in the moisturizing department and have just the skincare set to keep her feeling clean, glossy and hydrated.

Sweater Blanket

Two important musts of blankets: feeling good and looking good. This Sweater Blanket from Upstate checks both of those boxes. Made from super-soft natural Portuguese wool, this blanket will look good sprawled over her couch or wrapped around her, Baby Yoda style.

For Her Travels

Kusshi Makeup Bag + Organizer

Kusshi isn’t kidding when they say this is the last makeup bag you’ll ever buy. This thing has pockets on pockets and even a detachable make-up brush organizer, but it never looks bulky. Not to mention the premium calf leather exterior makes for an incredibly attractive carrier. She’ll never have to rummage through a bag (and make you late for dinner) again.

Away Luggage

When it comes to luggage shopping, Away is usually a first-round pick. She’ll love the sleekness and functionality of this carry-on and checked bag set, with its 360° spinner wheels, ejectable phone charger.

Porter Bundle – Ceramic

This ceramic set from W&P designs isn’t just a totally stylish place to keep her food/drinks on the go but reduces single-use plastic and food packaging waste. And more importantly, she can take her wine to go.

Dagne Dover Legend Tote

Whether it’s to the airport or just to work, she needs an everyday bag that’s not only cute but keeps her necessities organized — her computer, water bottle, keys and various lip balms. And this tote from Dagne Dover has a compartment designed specifically for each of those items, in addition to a whole bunch more.

Yeti Rambler 30 OZ Tumbler

Something that’ll fit nicely in the bag above. This vacuum-sealed tumbler from Yeti will keep her hot drinks hot and cold ones cold all day long. But the real selling point is that it comes in this gorgeous seafoam color.

Smartphone UV Sanitizer

She can sanitize and charge her smartphone on the go. The built-in battery on this powerbank will get her up to four full phone charges or 45 UV sanitizing cycles, which kill 99.99% of the germs on devices.

Reebok Classic Leather Women’s Shoes

Obviously she needs a comfortable, good-looking travel shoe. Maybe even one that carries a subtle not-so-subtle message to her fellow commuters. These Reeboks are made of leather for a soft, flexible feel, while the cushy midsole and durable rubber outside provide all-day comfort. But the real show-stopper here is on the back heel that displays the text “It’s a man’s world” with a strikethrough over the font.

For Her Beauty Routine

The Travel Gift Set

Dollar Shave Club isn’t just for the grizzly men with beards. Believe it or not, women shave too — some could argue, even more than men. And despite this fact, women’s razors are often more expensive and lower quality. So why not fix all that with the Travel gift set from DSC, which includes a flexible razor handle, four razor cartridges, toothpaste, a daily cleanser and even a convenient travel bag.

Ouai Dry Shampoo

Promise, she won’t be offended if you get her some dry shampoo. It’s a necessity, and she’ll totally be impressed with this foaming option from Ouai that’s guaranteed to work better than whatever cheap drugstore one she’s been using.

Hydrating Face Mask

It moisturizes. It calms. It hydrates. But more importantly, it can be applied without getting her hands all goopy.

The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Sorry boys, you can’t get her another Naked palette this year. But what you can get her is this “reinvented” nude eyeshadow palette from Huda Beauty. What’s great about this palette is that it includes all her basic matte shades in addition to some stunning shimmer-drenched hues she’ll definitely be stunting this NYE. 

Elizabeth and James Nirvana

A fair warning: this fragrance isn’t her typical, light floral scent. Nirvana smells like a night out — but not a gross, drunken, beer-stained night out, more of a spontaneous, enticing venture into the unknown. The perfume has a mix of violet, sandalwood and vanilla, creating a perfect balance of masculine and feminine, making this a bottle to spice up her collection.

Superstar Lips — Glow Kiss

Any shade of Charlotte Tilbury’s Superstar Lips is sure to give her that luminous, glossy look she desires. This particular one has all that but is still subtle enough that she can wear it every day.

For Her to Show Off

Poppy Frame Necklace, Gold Vermeil/Sapphire

Made in polished gold vermeil and enhanced with sapphires, this vintage-inspired frame necklace is a sign of “remembrance and hope” and is simply a real unique piece of jewelry.

Swarvoski Subtle Bracelet

This bracelet from Swarovski kicks the tennis bracelet up a notch with double the bling, while still maintaining a subtle elegance. Plus it’s adjustable, so you don’t have to know her wrist measurements off hand.

Mini Wraparound Ring with White Diamonds

Tiny, stackable rings are all the rage right now, and this mini wraparound from New York brand Aurate combines the trend with some more noticeable assets.

Baby Grand Mineral Hoops

The price tag on these gold hoops is well-warranted after you realize they’re set with amethyst, diamond, moonstone, opal, turquoise, emerald, citrine, garnet, and sapphire. Yup, that’s a lot of stones, all in one place, making this piece of jewelry a real one of a kind.

Custom Star Crossed Lovers Necklace

Okay, maybe it’s not the most sophisticated piece of jewelry, but this custom-named necklace from Frasier Sterling is a super fun and cute little piece that spells out her freaking name — she’ll don it any chance she gets.

Statement Star Dangle Earrings

Keep the sparkles comin. These handmade celestial dangle earrings are stunning, and you can’t beat the price.

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