The 10 Best Gifts for Your Pets

Gear that'll look good in your home and at the dog park

December 13, 2019 1:44 pm
The 10 Best Gifts for Your Pets
Mike Falco

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We realize you can give a dog a bone, and they will love it (and you) forever. But your pet deserves more than just a box of milk bones. And while you should certainly shower them with an endless supply of treats on a daily basis, you should also spoil them with some good-looking gear. Why? Because they love you unconditionally and have probably seen you naked. From GPS collars to Pendleton dog beds and Yeti bowls, below you’ll find all the best gear to gift your furry friend (or a friend’s furry friend).

Found My Animal Dog Leashes

Handcrafted in New York City, Found My Animal’s dog leashes are hand-spliced to withstand hundreds of pounds of pull, and are simply unique pieces you can show off at the dog park. 

Wild One Starter Kit

If you’re really looking to upgrade your pet’s gear to match more of your own design aesthetic, look no further than Wild One’s entire collection of stylish but still highly functional pet products. And for new dog owners, the brand’s starter kit is the perfect gift to get situated with your new roommate. The kit includes your choice of a collar or harness with a leash and poop bag carrier, a memory-foam bed, two bowls, a collection of toys, and three bags of sustainably sourced treats.

Garmin Astro 430 Dog Tracking GPS Bundle with T5 Dog Collar Transmitter

Never have to fear of a lost animal again with this GPS tracking bundle from Garmin. The bundle includes a waterproof Astro 430 GPS receiver and one T5 dog collar transmitter, for tracking up to 20 dogs at a time, with ranges up to 9 miles.

Grip-Tight Windowed Hammock Seat Protector

While this seat-protector’s main function is to keep dirt, sand, water and whatever else is on your pet from ruining your car’s interior, the mesh panel creates a viewing window, allowing for cool air and heat to pass between the front dash and the backseat and to keep your pet more at ease on the road.

Grooming Wipes

For easy paw clean-up, these biodegradable, eucalyptus-scented grooming wipes are the way to go.  They’re vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, paraben- and sulfate- (SLS) free, and human-grade, so if you run out of human wipes, you can steal a few of these from your dog.

Country Dog Collar

A collar for the big bois. These durable, hand-crafted dog collars are made from American cowhide, sourced from one of the oldest tanneries still operating in the USA, designed specifically for those larger sporting breeds.

Fable Crate

While being a secure little home for your pet, this crate from Fable Pets doubles as a side table for your home. And you will 100% enjoy all of this way more than your pet.

Weighted Dog Blanket

If your dog struggles with anxiety like us humans, he or she could use a heated blanket. This 5 pounder will keep your pup feeling calm and protected during thunderstorms or any other stress-induced moments.

Yeti Boomer Dog Bowl

While this is a bit high-priced for a dog bowl, you know Yeti’s reputation for nearly-indestructible products is no joke, and the same goes for this bowl. Made from super rugged, double-wall stainless steel with a non-slip ring, this bowl will maintain its clean look while handling the messiest of eaters.

Pendleton Yakima Camp Dog Bed

Pendleton makes some of our favorite blankets, and now your puppers can enjoy the luxurious comfort too with this plush, rugged knitted fleece dog bed.

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