Tesla’s Selling Its Wireless Charger Again, This Time for Just $49

It's still no Anker, but man it looks cool

August 30, 2018 9:00 am

UPDATE 9/11/2018:

America takes its second chances seriously. Especially when wireless chargers are involved. 

Tesla’s surprise charger drop last month sold like hot cakes, but they’ve now decided to restock, with plans to offer the device again soon at a discounted rate of $49. Tesla’s yet to confirm the news, though many who originally purchased the charger for $65 have posted email screenshots from the company on Twitter. The general gist: Tesla’s about to build a bunch at the reduced rate thanks to overwhelming demand, and original buyers will get their $16 back. 

Still no word on that Tesla blender we originally teased in this piece. 

Another month, another product receiving the royal “T” treatment.

Elon Musk just slapped the iconic Tesla logo on a wireless phone charger, and unsurprisingly, the device has already sold out.

For starters, this release isn’t nearly as dumb as the carbon-fiber surfboard he dropped a month ago. That product also sold out, eliciting a reaction we compared to “an arena’s halftime T-shirt cannon toss, with all the fans (i.e., the World Wide Web) knocking over popcorn and spilling sodas to catch a shirt a shirt that’s two sizes too small.”  

The $65 charger comes with 5W of output via its wireless option, 7.5W when using a USB port and some serious curb appeal. But portable charging vessels, like the phones they accompany, go through the proverbial ringer. You want an option that can fall out of your backpack and hit a big-city street corner without batting an eye. Not to mention something that puts out more wattage for less.

If legitimately interested in picking up a portable charger, check out Anker’s options. For $36, the Anker PowerCore 10000 will supply up to 12W of charging output for a fast, efficient charge. We also like the Anker Wireless Charging Pad and the PowerCore Slim 5000 … and so does Amazon. Anker products are impeccably reviewed.

If you’re just here for the Muskanator, though, we’d recommend following closely following Tesla’s social accounts to see if their charger goes back on sale. And don’t despair, he’ll probably be dropping a blender next month.

Images from Tesla, Anker

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