TaylorMade’s New Custom Putter Has 400,000+ Different Iterations

Now who you gonna blame for those three-putts?

May 31, 2018 9:00 am

Finding the right putter can often be as tricky as the act itself.

Some golfers are tepidly satisfied with their putters. Others love to try their buddy’s putter (God forbid he sinks a 15-footer and needs to “borrow” it for the rest of the day). Then there’s the final group: those who spend the day fishing them out of the hazards.

TaylorMade just might have a solution. Its new customization tool, called MySpider, gives you a say in every facet of the design process. With options that include handedness, hosel shape, putter length and eight color variances across nearly every part of the putter, the available permutations are substantial: there are 417,729 of them, to be exact. (A special thank you to Golf Digest for taking the lead on the math there.)

At $360, using the MySpider program isn’t cheap. But it’s a fair price to pay for absolute freedom of design, and knowing it came from your own head might discourage you from making too much of a fuss when you flub a six-footer on 18 to lose the match.

Customize your own short stick here

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