Take $50 Off This Popular Set of Nesting Dumbbells

They're not pretty, but they get the job done

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With the New Year upon us, there’s a good chance you’re currently thinking one of the following two things: “Ok, this is the year I’m finally going to commit to developing an actual muscle or two,” or “Oh god, my gym is going to be so fuc*ing crowded for the next month, full of people who’ve decided this is the year they’re finally going  to commit to developing an actual muscle or two.”

One possible solution to both of these situations is to pick up the PowerBlock Personal Trainer 50-lb Dumbbell Set, on sale at Amazon right now for $200, down from its regular $249. For anyone looking to do some strength training at home and for whom space is at a premium, these will be a revelation.

They’re nesting dumbbells, adjustable in 2.5-lb increments up to 50 pounds per weight. Most importantly, they slide easily under a bed or stack nicely in a corner. They’re not quite as elegant looking or as comfortable in the hands as options from BowFlex, but their particular combination of features will make them the right choice for lots of people out there.

Happy lifting. And happy New Year.

BUY HERE: $199

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