What Do You Get When You Cross a Sleeping Bag With a Hammock?

Swayy is the all-seasons mansling our cold, lazy asses deserve

April 20, 2018 9:00 am

Aside from the occasional cartoonish wipeout, there is little to complain about in hammocks. They are, however, somewhat limited by design. Hammocks are typically made of hemp, rope, cotton or waterproofed synthetics, aka materials intended for summertime use only.

Which makes the discerning hammocker beg a question: Whence the all-seasons man-sling my cold, indolent ass deserves?

Enter Swayy, a new company making rugged, outdoor hammocks with a special trick quite literally up their sleeves, in the form of a layer of insulation that’ll keep you toasty in temps as low as 30 degree Fahrenheit.

Currently funding on Kickstarter, Swayy is offering two models at launch: the Primaloft-insulated Premus, or the down-fill Eira, which also includes a rainfly.

Early-bird pricing is still available for both models, so you should probably pledge now and ask questions later — assuming you can, ahem, swing it.

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