That Old Thing? Just My Swarovski Crystal-Lined Smart Chandelier.

If Jay Gatsby had a disco ball, it'd look like this

July 23, 2018 9:00 am

The Infinite Aura Swarovski Crystal Ceiling Pendant isn’t ambiguous in its messaging: it’s here to party. But like, a fancy party.

Design firm Ideo created the app-connected, compact LED-lit fixture not as a status symbol (although good luck avoiding that association), but as an exceptional piece of mood lighting.

Like some elegant, distant cousin of a disco ball, the chandelier uses tricks of LEDs, double glass and a crystal-lined ring of reflective metal to create a depth that appears to stretch to infinity. The app lets you easily change the light modes and mood, something your grandmother’s chandelier just can’t hack.

Idea (3 images)

The collection will be available this summer at designated Swarovski retailers, ranging from $2,000 for the sconce model to $5,000 for the large pendant lamp.

Check out a sneak peek into the complex design process below.

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