How to Store Your Weed and Keep It Fresh

Plus our picks for the best storage options out there

April 22, 2022 10:53 am
How to keep your weed fresh and where to store it in 2022
Here's how to keep your bud dank
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Cannabis packaging has come a long way from the plastic baggies and spare containers we once used on a whim to store bud. In fact, if you live in a state where it’s legal, weed-related products even come with a harvest date that lets you know when the crop was collected. Rarely, however, does flower come with a known, established expiration date. So even if you know when and where it came from, you’re still left wondering when your weed expires and what you can do to keep it fresh.

Under ideal conditions, you can typically leave cannabis flower in a storage container for three to six months before it should be moved to an oxygen-free package and placed in the freezer. There’s a lot of science out there regarding ideal temperatures, light exposure, oxygen levels and curing environments, but most of us aren’t paying close attention to the specifics. Bottom line: store your bud in a dry, airtight container that isn’t exposed to direct light. Opt for a container that’s opaque and be sure the air temperature isn’t too hot or cold (70 degrees is ideal). From there, you should be good to enjoy your bud for months to come.

Now that you understand the very, very basics of proper weed storage, consider one of our favorite storage options below.

The Session Goods Stash Jar is one of the best weed accessories for storing weed in 2022
Session Goods Stash Jar
Session Goods

Session Goods Stash Jar

A modern take on the traditional stash jar, Session Goods built this one with a silicone base and press-fit lid to deliver protection and an airtight seal. The borosilicate glass body has been tinted black to reduce sunlight exposure. And while it stores weed just as any stash jar should, there’s also room inside for your glass and any other accessories you’d like to have on hand during your next toke session.

Amber ball jars are the best way to store your weed and keep it fresh in 2022
Ball Jars in Amber

Ball Jars in Amber

Longtime stoners have always stored their weed in Ball jars because they’re sturdy, airtight and incredibly reliable. This set of 16-ounce jars features amber glass to reduce light exposure and Ball’s signature airtight band under the lid that provides a confident seal.

The Herb Guard is one of the best ways to store your weed and keep it fresh in 2022
Herb Guard
Herb Guard

Herb Guard

Keep your bud fresh and eliminate the smell with the pocket-sized Herb Guard. Its airtight seal locks in the skunky fumes and the design is built to offer protection without revealing the contents. The kit also comes with a resealable travel bag, compact scoop and humidity packs to soak up excess moisture.

The Honeypuff Stash Jar is one of the best ways to store your weed and keep it fresh
Honeypuff Stash Jar

Honeypuff Stash Jar

Don’t feel like shelling out a lot of dough to house your dank? Honeypuff’s take on the stash jar locks in smells, seals out water and delivers serious protection via an aluminum housing. It’s also less than $10, making it an affordable option that still gets the job done.

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