No More Cords: $50 Wireless Earbuds Are the New Norm

Anker’s newest ‘buds deliver all you need, cheaply

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Seems like January when I was touting AirPod alternatives for roughly $70+.

Two months later and we can drop that price point a couple Hamiltons.

Credit goes to Soundcore. The Anker subsidiary has already produced a few winners in the affordable earbuds space, including the Liberty Air (the jet-black, half-price take on AirPods) and the lightweight Liberty Lite wireless ‘buds.

The just-released Neo is a slightly tweaked version of the latter, or as the company puts it, a “refined and enhanced” take. You’re still getting graphene-coated drivers, an ideal Bluetooth 5.0 connection and a solid 3.5 hours of playback per charge (plus nine more with the case), as well as an embedded, noise-cancelling microphone for making calls. 

At 0.2 oz each, the ‘buds are designed to be pretty much unnoticeable, but they’re also snug and water-resistant so you can wear ‘em during a workout without worries about loss or damage.

We own and like the Liberty Lite, so a slightly improved update is fine by us. Another reason to like ‘em more: Between now and April 1st the ‘buds are down to $49.99, a 23% savings and a cheaper price than the (slightly inferior) Lites. Note: The Amazon page might be screwed up and list the higher price, but put ’em in your cart and you’ll see the correct, cheaper price.

BUY IT HERE: $65 $50

Photos: (Top to bottom)  Soundcore; Amazon

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