You Don’t Need a Boy Scout Badge to Start This Idiot-Proof Portable Bonfire

It's also nice to look at and efficient as all hell

By The Editors
October 10, 2016 9:00 am

Sometimes a design is so good, there’s just no use in improving it.

A most relevant and recent exemplar: the Bonfire pit from Texas-based Solo Stove, which borrows its design principles from the company’s line of compact adventure-ready stoves, only here they’re a whole lot bigger and a good spot more accommodating.

What’s most striking about this thing is that somehow the singular stainless steel construction works on an aesthetic level — it’s minimalist and easy on the eyes, but not overly designed with fussy touches, making it a good fit for a variety of different settings.

Second, the doubled-walled stainless steel design means that air-intake holes are located on the top and bottom of the fire pit, which allows for even distribution of oxygen for maximum burn efficiency. That means less fire-tending, more fireside relaxing.

Best part? Absolutely no setup. Just place it down and go.

The Solo Stove Bonfire is currently crushing it’s Kickstarter goal. If you’re interested in checking out the rest the offerings, make sure to head on over to Solo Stove’s website here.

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