This Cargo-Ready E-Bike Is Engineered to Run All the Errands

It's even got a dedicated ‘passenger platform’

July 11, 2018 9:00 am

Bikes have always been built to ferry plenty more than their own weight (remember standing on the pegs of your friend’s rusted fixie as a kid?).

So why aren’t there more reliable, sturdy, fast two-wheelers designed to seamlessly haul some light cargo around town?

That’s where Capacita comes in. The latest offering from Pure Cycles (we covered their handsome e-bike Volta 18 months ago), Capacita is yet another approachably priced, pedal-assisted bike, capable of going 40 miles on a single charge, with an aluminum frame that you won’t leave you sweating bullets when you need to kick things into manual mode.

The moneymaker, though? Space. A lot of it.

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Drop your gym bag or groceries in the front cargo basket. Affix a seat for the little one to the back utility rack. Have someone stand on the “passenger platforms” and zip ‘em around town. The bike’s sturdy frame can handle it all. Not to mention: brake lights, an app for anti-theft tracking and eight-speed gears for when you want it to behave like a normal bike.

That’s a bit of a come-up from those pegs. Find more info on early bird specials at Capacita’s Indiegogo page here.

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