Voices in Your Head

“Bone conduction” headphones play through your skull

By The Editors
September 16, 2015 9:00 am

Look around your office.

How many people are wearing headphones?

If you answered fewer than two, congrats on the fact that you work from home. We’re envious.

Otherwise, let’s think about that for a minute: we consume music at an unprecedented rate; ours is the era of the personal soundtrack.

Which is awesome, but also kind of antisocial and potentially dangerous. Listening to music all day comes with its drawbacks: co-workers waving to get your attention, getting accused of not paying attention, being hit by cabs, missing fire alarms…

No more.

The soon-to-be released Batband headphones from StudioBananaThings allow you to listen to music and the world around you.

Batband employs a bone-conduction technology similar to that of hearing aids to transmit sound through the skull, allowing for music to be heard with the inner ear (the unexposed portion) rather than the outer. The device fastens around your head and leaves the ears free for a fella to stay alert.

Admittedly a little wonky looking. Kind of like the backwards hat of Google Glass.

Additionally, the futuristic band contains a touch control system complete with a built-in microphone for taking calls through your cranium.

We’ve yet to test them out, but we’re wildly curious.

You can check out the space-age details and preorder on Kickstarter here.

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