This 5-Piece, Fire-Safe Cookset Is a Backpacker’s Dream

Might be time to reconsider the cast iron, people

October 6, 2017 9:00 am

Priced at about $21,190 per square foot, an $87.3 million four-bedroom townhouse in Hong Kong is thought to be the world’s most valuable piece of real estate in terms of square footage.

Forbes won’t confirm it, but we’d submit the real estate in our camping pack as a close second. As every backpacker knows, there comes a time before every big trip that you have to leave much-loved — and even vital — pieces of gear at home.

To ensure that your cookware (read: vital) is’t one of them, Sea to Summit designed the space-saving X-Pot series. A lightweight cookset with two bowls, two mugs and a big ol’ pot, the X-Set 31 weighs in at less than 1.5 pounds, and all five pieces accordion down to a 2.5-inch tall package when not in use.

Sea to (2 images)

Made from flexible food-grade silicone, the X-Bowls and X-Mugs feature nylon bases that are rigid enough to function as cutting boards. Amazingly, they’re also fire-safe: the base on the X-Pot is crafted from hard-anodized aluminum, and heats up over a fire or stove with an accelerated boil time. Very nice.

Since we’ve yet to try the X-Set, we’ll defer to the gearheads at Adventure Journal for some insight: “If you inhabit the vast middle ground of backpackers who value comfort and ease and packability — especially if you pack for two — the X-Set is a nice addition to your camp kitchen arsenal,” they say.

Considering our camp-kitchen arsenal has been staying in the car as of late, if it even makes it that far, the set’s $90 price sounds more than fair.

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