Never worry about buying a gift again

Your own personal shopper. For free.

By The Editors
July 30, 2015 9:00 am

The paradox of choice posits that in a world of infinite choices — e.g., shopping for anything online — less is actually more.

Great thought starter for a debate.

Crappy excuse not to get your dad a gift.

So eliminate choice. Have someone else shop for you.

That’s the theory behind Scratch, available now.

Scratch is a free mobile/web app that pairs you with a personal shopper.

Via an online chat, you tell your human shopper (ours was “Maggie”) what you’re looking for, your budget and any other specific criteria.

Then go about your day.

Within 24 hours, Scratch will get back to you with recommendations, photos, price and relevant details included.

You can use those, change up your criteria or buy directly through the app.

(In our test runs for a gift for dad, Maggie hit a few doubles and knocked it out of the park at least twice. And got back to us in just a few hours.)

Prices are similar on Scratch to what you’d find elsewhere, and if you find it cheaper within 30 days, they’ll credit the difference.

The app also offers themed shopping lists and can proactively suggest gifts for upcoming birthdays and anniversaries.

For now, Scratch is free. But you’ll need an invitation.

Fortunately, we have ’em for the first 200 of you who sign up.

Make the right choice.

(Editor’s note: as of late February 2016, the site’s mission stayed the same but was rebranded as HelloShopper)

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