What’s Cooler Than Being an A/C Unit That Cools Beer?

Being Outkast. But that's about it.

May 30, 2017 9:00 am

You can make an argument for biscuits and gravy, backyards and beanbags or Caitlin O’Connor and anything, but we’d argue that cold beers and hot summer days might be history’s best pair.

That said, cold beers and cool summer days certainly have their merits as well which is why the power tool innovators at Ryobi created a portable cooler that’s able to provide both in spades.

Twenty inches tall and 30 inches wide, the Ryobi One Cooling Cooler is a 50-quart wheeled cooler that just happens to double as a cordless air conditioner thanks to an onboard battery.

A/C Cooler (2 images)

Powered by the same battery platform Ryobi uses on 70 of its other power tools, the 18-volt cooler provides four hours of air cooling per charge and weighs only 35 pounds unfilled.

Priced at $200, the cooler is currently sold out in stores and online but there’s no need to fret because Home Depot will notify you once it’s back in stock once you sign up for updates here.

Or, just order a knockoff version.

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