This Cooler Can Teach You a Thing or Two About Off-Roading

You call yourself an outdoorsman?

March 21, 2017 9:00 am

Get away from it all?

More like “bring it all with you.”

The Boulder, Colorado-based RovR Products just released a wheeled ice chest designed for making that big haul from your car (or bike) to the off-the-grid campground as easy as possible.

The two-wheeled units feature 8-inch all-terrain tires — originally designed for mountain boarders descending rocky terrain at 30 mph — as well as a cushioned aluminum pull handle. According to founder Tom DeFrancia, a 10-year old could use these chests to tow up to 100 pounds.

Besides heft, these are organizational beasts. The RovRs come with a series of flexible internal compartments, cup holders and a built-in meal prep station, as well as a collapsible bin that transforms into a storage unit for chairs and tents and doubles as a cushion when not in use.

RovR (5 images)

The first two product bundles, each available in three colors, include the CampR (which can carry 80 quarts over rough terrain, or about 60 cans of beer and 20 pounds of ice, according to Bloomberg) and the BikR, which adds a tow arm that connects your cooler to your bike.

The cooler bundles are available now starting at $449, but according to BusinessDen an additional Kickstarter will be launched in May.

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