We’d Advise Reserving Your Official Star Wars Drone ASAP

It’s gonna be worth a lot more than $240 someday

November 21, 2016 9:00 am

Right now, in a galaxy that’s really, really close at hand, reservations for official Star Wars drones are being accepted.

Created by Propel and available in four models (74-Z Speeder Bike, X-Wing, Millennium Falcon or Tie Fighter), the flying quadcopters can hit speeds in excess of 35 MPH. They’re also equipped with lasers for simultaneously battling up to 23 other drone pilots.

The hand-painted models have a “reverse propulsion system with invisible blades” to make the flight experience as authentic to the movies as possible, and each one is capable of doing 0-30 in just three seconds.

Priced at $240, the numbered drones are meant to resonate with fans of the franchise, collectors and the growing number of people who know a good drone when they see one.  

“You have the combination of something that’s really detailed and collectible, which really appeals to the true Star Wars fan, but it also performs,” Propel CEO Darren Matloff told Wired. “That’s never happened before.”

Making a reservation for one of the drones doesn’t include an obligation to purchase and, even though there’s still an issue with U.S. orders, that appears like it will get resolved in the coming months.

Given what older Star Wars toys are worth, we’d advise buying one for play and one for eBay.

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