Deal: Save $25 on This Upgraded But Still Affordable Pro-Ject Audio Phono Preamp

It will bring your whole vinyl setup into greater focus

pro-ject phono box S2

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If you’re in the process of putting together an audio system that’ll allow you to dive into the wonderful world of vinyl, and you’ve decided to forego the typical early steps and go straight to separate components, you’re gonna need a phono preamp. And while we’re perfectly content to recommend some of the $100 options out there, we’re especially keen on the Phono Box S2 from Pro-Ject Audio, which would normally set you back $200 but is currently available as an open-box special at Audio Advice for $175. A moderate discount, sure, but every penny counts, yes? And the bump in quality from the Pro-Ject’s $100 Phono Box (which we also recommend) is significant enough that it’s worth it.

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