Products of the Week: McIntosh Preamplifiers, Bolt Speakers and a Craighill Pocket Knife

The 9 best pieces of garb and gear that crossed our desks this week

March 23, 2024 7:25 am
From spritzers to pocket knives, this is the best stuff to cross our desks (and inboxes) this week
From spritzers to pocket knives, this is the best stuff to cross our desks (and inboxes) this week
Palace, Ruggable, Craighill, Curious Elixirs

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Each week, our inbox runneth over with news of gear, apparel and tech releases from around the world. In this feature, we’ll parse through the best of it. Today: New McIntosh Labs preamplifiers were released, a Gap x Palace collection dropped and Craighill graced us yet another new pocket knife.

Just launched, the C55 Solid State Preamplifier and the C2800 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier sound as good as they look. The C55 features an 8-band analog equalizer to fine-tune music, along with a whopping 16 inputs (7 analog, 2 phono, 7 digital) and a dedicated subwoofer output. The C2800 utilizes vacuum tube circuitry and offers an audio experience devoid of noise or distortion. 

The lads at Palace just won’t quit. Hot off of a killer footy collab with fellow Brits Umbro, the tri-ferg label is back with another red-hot joint capsule, this time teaming up with Americana legends GAP for a skate-themed collection of baggy, very wearable adult (and kids, a first for the brand) joints. There are the expected tracksuits and co-branded hoodies, but an especially nice-looking rugby and a half-decent deck, too. Everything dropped online and in-store on March 22 at 11 a.m. EST. Grab what you still can.

And the award for most creative EDC goes to…the Sidewinder! In conjunction with Chen Chen, the latest from designer Hunter Craighill’s eponymous label challenges the typical OTS design with an interlocking mechanical hilt that produces one of the most unique (and fun) sheathings we’ve ever seen. The 2.5” 12C27N steel blade is perfectly solid, but the real treat is in opening and closing the pocket-sized work of art. Take that, adult who told you not to play with knives!

Some may argue that the regency era did one thing right, and that was attention to detail when it came to decorating a home. So if you are looking for a rug to emanate that kind of *umph* look no further because Ruggable, the machine-washable rug company, has partnered with the Bridgerton team to bring you highly detailed and decorative rugs. Note the new season of the period drama drops in part on May 16th so if you want to prioritize an immersive watching experience — you might want to snag a rug.

We always geek out when Le Creuset launches a new colorway, and this collection is ready to freshen up spring kitchens everywhere. Somewhere between a light green and baby blue, Le Creuset Sage is perfect for adding to your collection or starting your enamel cookware journey from scratch — whether you’re in the market for a classic Dutch oven, cast-iron skillet or stoneware baker. Sage is available now at Sur la Table and Le Creuset.

Crafted south of the border in Tequila, this sure-to-be-controversial product blends the essence of espadin agavee with allergen-free peanut butter extract and was created with input from Caleb Pressley of Barstool Sports. “It’s peanut butter, butt better. I say Butt because Chica~Chida makes my tonsils twerk and my brain bounce that ass,” he says. Whatever that means, the special spirit is available at brick-and-mortar locations in New Jersey and online. Jelly and white bread with the crust removed sold separately.

Tipping the scales at just a pound, Outdoor Tech’s new Bluetooth speaker can firmly be attached to any metallic surface via its magnetic mount. Rated at IPX6 on the waterproof rating scale and capable of being exposed to the elements with no risk of failing, the Bolt can give cars, golf carts, grills, fences and metal furniture the gift of stereo sound. Capable to be linked up with other Bolt speakers for a surround sound experience, the wireless speaker can also charge small devices in a pinch via its potent power bank.

A delicious booze-free take on an Italian spritz, these cans feature a mix of blood orange and green mandarin citrus, non-alcoholic Prosecco, ginseng, turmeric and holy basil.

Dockers might be known for their everyman business casual, but the latest from the brand is an altogether different kind of serve. The “Racquet Club” capsule includes tennis-inspired windbreakers and polos, flushed out in classicly sporty whites and greens. It’s a total ace, both for its affordable value and for its top-tier looks.

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