Products of the Week: Stutterheim Raincoats, Freddy Krueger Air Maxes and a 10-Year Bourbon

The 13 best pieces of garb and gear that crossed our desks this week

September 12, 2020 5:38 am
Products of the Week: Stutterheim Raincoats, Freddy Krueger Air Maxes and a 10-Year Bourbon

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Each week, our inbox runneth over with news of gear, apparel and tech releases from around the world. In this feature, we’ll parse through the best of them. Today: festive Stutterheim raincoats, scary Nike sneakers and a very old Basil Hayden bourbon.

Aime Leon Dore Fall / Winter 2020 Collection

When it comes to fall style inspiration, you’d be perfectly justified in looking no further than Aime Leon Dore’s F/W 2020 collection, which features all the season’s classics — ivory fisherman sweaters, corduroy pants, puffers and fleeces, all rendered in a way that slightly tweaks their standard form, whether it’s a pair of patchwork corduroy pants or a plaid puffer. Rarely does the color palate of the collection veer from rich hues of burgundy, camel, olive green and navy, with the occasional hunting orange or mustard yellow strewn throughout.

The Prada Superstar

While at first glance these might look like the familiar Adidas Superstars, closer inspection reveals one subtle but significant detail: Prada’s logo on the side of the sneaker. In collaboration with Adidas, Prada has created three new iterations of the iconic Superstar silhouette — “Black,” “White/Black,” and “Chrome Sliver/White”. Keeping in line with Prada’s commitment to crafting high-quality luxury goods, the sneakers are made in Italy and feature premium full-grain leather uppers, so while they might bear passing resemblance to regular Superstars, they’re actually worlds apart. So sure, you could opt for a normal pair of Superstars, or you could go the quietly luxurious route with these.

Outdoor Voices Live Oak and Sweatee Longsleeve T-Shirts

Cult-favorite activewear brand Outdoor Voices just launched two new long-sleeves primed for all your outdoor recreational activities this season: The Live Oak and the Sweatee. The Live Oak features sweat-wicking properties and is made with a super soft natural-synthetic blend of wood pulp fibers, making it an eco-friendly, durable option. Meanwhile, the Sweatee is made with the brand’s performance cotton blend of the same name, also boasting sweat-wicking properties. Think of it as a soft, laid back option for lighter activity.

Todd Snyder x Timex Art Deco Milano XL

When Timex released the Milano XL watch earlier this year, we were intrigued — by the ‘70s heritage and the rare tonneau case, a style probably missing from your collection — but weren’t quite sold on the overall styling. Todd Snyder, as he is wont to do, took on the challenge of refining it and did a bang-up job, from the Art Deco dial to the Red Wing leather strap.

“Freddy Krueger” Air Max 95

We’re not trick-or-treating this year (we, uh, stopped that years ago) but we’ll happily evoke Halloween during our non-candy-seeking walks. Leaked pics of the Air Max 95 suggest a shoe with red stripes against lighter blue and brown,  reminiscent of Freddy Krueger’s iconic sweater design from the A Nightmare on Elm Street films. And this pair, according to Highsnobiety, may be paired with a Dracula-inspired trainer.

Public Rec Weekend Series

Public Rec is seeking to make every day feel like the weekend with their new Weekend Series, a collection of French terry sweatshirts that manage to provide comfort without sacrificing style. The collection offers three separate iterations of a sweatshirt: the Weekend Full Zip, the Weekend Half Zip and the Weekend Crew. Each style is available in Heather Charcoal, Heather Silver Spoon or Heather Navy, and all are crafted from the same French terry fabric, made from Pima cotton and featuring a hint of spandex. The mid-weight fabric of each piece means they’re well-suited to a range of occasions and environments, whether it be a cool September night or an overly AC’ed apartment, the Pima cotton keeping you warm without the risk of overheating. 

The Riley Sneaker by Greats

Some sneaker companies prioritize out-of-the-box thinking, which is how we ended up with chunky shoes, Yeezys and whatever the hell this is. So we applaud Greats for finding so many ways to evolve inside the box they’ve created: simple, dependable and trend-resistant footwear. The new Riley offers a smidge of retro style, some premium suede appropriate for fall, but once again a sneaker you can throw on any time at all.

Basil Hayden’s 10 Year Bourbon

An annual release (well, this is the third year they’ve done it), this 10-year bourbon seems like a contradiction: A high rye mashbill (so spice and kick!) but at 80 proof (safe!) and aged for a long time (mellow!). We’ll be trying it soon, but we’re pretty sure it’ll hit like the other Basil Hayden’s releases, which are well-rounded sippers that go down way too easily. That’s a compliment.

Rhone Swift Academy Collection

In keeping with the season, activewear brand Rhone just launched the Swift Academy Collection, an ode to the heritage soccer uniform, upgraded with technical elements so you can actually sweat in it. The capsule includes a quick-drying, anti-odor performance short-sleeve that features a highly breathable mesh stripe fabric, along with a top-notch 7″ Swift short built for running, training and all your toughest workouts. While the final piece in this collection is a real youth soccer staple — the Swift Academy Jacket is a water-resistant, checkerboarded-patterned jacket designed with four-way stretch, two zippered hand pockets and a fully-lined lightweight mesh body.

Harry’s Sharper Razor Blades

I’ve been using razors from Harry’s for years, not because I’ve tested every single other razor on the market and found their blades to be the cream of the crop, but because they’re affordable, simple and don’t fall into that weird shaving one-upmanship The Onion nailed back in 2004. But now, Harry’s is in fact upping the ante by releasing their sharpest blades ever, still made at their same German factory, but that they tout as longer lasting. The best part is that they’re not increasing prices at all. Innovation for the sake of innovation? That’s a reason to give Harry’s a shot if you haven’t before. — Alex Lauer, senior editor

DEFY CBD Muscle Balm

If you’ve been heeding our advice re: the various and sundry pandemic-appropriate workouts out there this summer, there is a high likelihood that you may have a sore muscle or two (or three). DEFY’s new muscle balm packs a formidable 800mg of CBD sourced from organic U.S. hemp farms, mixed with menthol and camphor for a pleasing post-sweat session tingle. Built specifically for athletes, all of DEFY’s products (they also have a range of beverages and oils) are created under the watchful eye of the brand’s co-founder, Hall of Fame Denver Broncos running back Terrell Davis. As our Denverite creative director likes to say, “good enough for a guy who, in 1998, rushed for two thousand yards, scored 21 touchdowns and won us a second consecutive Super Bowl, good enough for the likes of me.”

A.P.C. Quilts

A.P.C. has been crafting some of the world’s most coveted denim for 30-plus years, revered by hypebeasts and design heads the world over. Unbeknownst to many, however, is the fact that the French fashion powerhouse also stitches a helluva quilt — their recently released 18th “round” features a delightfully patchwork’d array of bright colors and geometric shapes, all sewn by hand from cotton materials left over from previous A.P.C. collections. Much like the brand’s famous jeans, each style is done in extremely limited quantities and thus should be copped post haste.

Ron Dorff Nordic Wolf Sweatshirt

In other “European brands doing cool shit” news, we’re not exactly sure when the hell French/Swedish label Ron Dorff burst onto the scene, but two things are for certain: one, the name “Ron Dorff” (a portmanteau of the two founders surnames, believe it or not) is flat out amazing. And two, if they keep making pieces as badass as this tonal wolf crewneck, they are going to be around for a very long time.

Stutterheim Rain Packer Waterproof Backpack

Also comin’ straight outta Stockholm, Stutterheim has been proffering their iconic rubberized cotton raincoats for the last decade to great acclaim. Their latest collection, however, also features several bag styles designed to keep out the elements, our favorite being this 20L backpack crafted from rugged PVC and polyester. Elegant design meets rugged construction — gotta love them Swedes.

Wilson Shoe by TAFT

Speaking of waterproof, DTC shoemakers TAFT just dropped a collection of three sleek oxfords (black, tan and a very cool beat-up “rust”) built to withstand a thorough sloshing. Top-shelf waterproof leather and a beefy rubberized sole, all handmade in Spain. Between a pair of these and the backpack above, Mother Nature ain’t got shit on you.0

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