Products of the Week: A Trans-Antarctic North Face Capsule, Shearling Sneakers and Snow Peak Blankets

The 14 best pieces of garb and gear that crossed our desks this week

October 26, 2019 11:25 am

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Each week, our inbox runneth over with news of gear, apparel and tech releases from around the world. In this feature, we’ll parse through the best of them. Today: A dog-sledding inspired collection from The North Face, a sneaker with a shearling collar from Greats and a Snow Peak x Pendleton blanket collab.

Cockpit USA x American Trench

For this American-made collaboration, these companies took “military-inspired” outerwear to the next level. The two new layers — the Jeep Coat and Deck Jacket — are both updated versions of real wartime garments, from the U.S. Army in 1938 and naval officers in WWII, respectively.

The Olmsted 38 by Oak & Oscar

Chicago-based micro watch brand Oak & Oscar isn’t so micro anymore. We used to wait years between releases, but this month alone they’ve released two new timepieces: a collaboration with Wilson and now this 38mm field watch named after the renowned landscape architect behind Central Park, Frederick Law Olmsted. And just like Olmsted, this thing is meticulous (look at that custom typeface).

Greats — The Royale Shearling

Greats is giving its best-selling sneaker a seasonal update by transforming it into a literal shearling jacket. Handcrafted in Italy, this limited edition style of the Royale features a genuine shearling collar along with an Italian nubuck upper. Feet have never looked so cozy.


The North Face is celebrating the first-ever dogsled crossing of the Antarctic from 1990 with the release of the “Trans-Antarctic” collection. Officially called “THINK SOUTH FOR THE NEXT,” this entirely eco-friendly capsule features a parka, fleece jacket and a T-shirt that features a photo taken by Will Steger of three members from the International Trans-Antarctica Expedition. The highlight of this collection, however, is definitely this parka, which features waterproof two-layer GORE-TEX made from recycled waste and offers a nice display of each expedition member’s home country flags on the front and back. While the release date is still unknown, there are murmurs the collection will be available in November at GOLDWIN.

Equiano Rum

We’ll trust anything out of the Barbados distillery Foursquare (aka the Pappy of rum). And this one looks particularly interesting — the first rum with liquid from two distilleries in two different continents. The Afro-Caribbean hybrid is a collaboration with Gray’s Distillery, from the island nation of Mauritius, and named after a Nigerian-born writer and abolitionist who traveled from Africa to the Caribbean. The Gray’s rum is molasses based and aged 10 years in oak and ex-Cognac casks, while the Foursquare ages in former bourbon casks. Given the different climates where each one aged, you’re getting two very distinct rums crafted into one flavorful package, with notes of dried fruits, toffee, brown sugar, oak and orange peel. 

Metron Series — Osprey Packs

The single most important piece of gear you need after you’ve decided to become one of those people who bike to work is not a helmet, (even though it should be, but you think you’re too cool to wear one) it’s a backpack! Lucky for you Osprey has designed the essential commuter backpack, with a built-in rain for any inclement biking weather. The pack features internal organizers, including a padded laptop sleeve to make sure all your items stay put and dry. The compression straps help to decrease the pack’s weight, plus a hidden attachment secures your helmet and there’s a loop for your rear tail light so vehicles can at least try to avoid hitting you.

Buck Mason Denim Chore Jacket

France meets Japan in Buck Mason’s newest jacket, as the style is drawn from the workwear of the former country and the denim is milled in the latter. Together, you end up with what would appear to be a tailored American jean jacket, and as we’ve already told you, you really need one of those.

Burrow — The Rug Collection

You know Burrow as one of many couch-in-a-box companies — though we’d put them at the top of the list — and now just like all those companies they’re branching out. Thankfully, they’re solving the main problem of rug overload by offering just eight options, categorized in a way that makes sense. Wants something vacuum-friendly? Go low pile. Want something kid- and/or pet-friendly? They got you? Want something that’s just not ugly as all get out? Done and done.

Air Jordan 1 Mid

A brand new colorway of the most affordable version of the most iconic Jordan ever. For anyone who missed out on the release the AJ1 Obsidian earlier this month, this is a fine substitute.

The Vintage Rolex Field Guide

A massive, borderline intimidating book on the iconic brand’s storied history. Less flashy photo book than exhaustive historical and mechanical document.

Cariuma Eco-Friendly IBI Sneakers

If you’re looking to cut down on harm to the planet, your sneakers are a good place to start. Cariuma took a novel route we haven’t seen before with the IBI, making the shoe out of both recycled plastic and eco-friendly bamboo. And yes, they’re vegan.

Snow Peak x Pendleton Stormpattern Blanket

A mic drop of a collab from two top-notch outdoor outfitters. Japanese brand Snow Peak and Portland-based Pendleton Woolen Mills just dropped this near four-foot-long blanket right in time for the cozy months. Snow Peak handled the design, which takes its cue from Native American patterns, while Pendleton crafted the blanket in its Pacific Northwest mills, using 100% virgin wool.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 Saturation x Andy Mann Watch

We’ll admit — we don’t necessarily need a hot collab watch. When it comes to your collection, timeless is better than trendy, but we’ll make an exception for this Zodiac release designed with photographer and conservationist Andy Mann. You’ve probably seen his photos of sharks in magazines like National Geographic or on Instagram, and this diver captures the essence of the oceanic whitetip shark both literally and figuratively (look at the 12 o’clock fin!).

Everlane ReNew Collection

Everlane Re:Down Reversible Puffer

If it seems like Everlane won’t stop until it has conquered the entire fashion industry with its minimalist, well-priced, seemingly ethical, quasi-transparent basics, well, you’re probably right. It’s now offering recycled down coats, but the fun doesn’t stop there! The men’s jacket is also reversible and features a 100% recycled shell, too. What’ll they think of next? (We hope it’s the women’s sleeping bag coat for men.)

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