Inboxing Champ

By The Editors
June 15, 2012 9:00 am

You’d get so much more accomplished through your inbox if you weren’t forced to constantly leave it to respond to LinkedIn and Facebook emails, or transfer money to that irascibly charming Mr. Umaru Egwuato, esteemed Prince of Nigeria, may blessings be upon him.

End the distraction and use your inbox more efficiently with PowerInbox.

[callout] … use LinkedIn, Facebook, and more without leaving your inbox [/callout]

A free, convenient browser plugin, PowerInbox allows you to use a myriad of web services (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) all from within your inbox — provided your inbox is Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook.

Set-up is a snap: Go to the PowerInbox site, click the download button, pick which apps you like, and within a minute you’ll be able to “reply” to LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter from within your inbox, instead of clicking away to those sites.

From your Inbox, you can now:

    • Interact with business contacts on LinkedIn

    • Read and respond to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

    • Get real-time updates on Groupon deals, and more

    PowerInbox also provides a number of business-appropriate apps, including a collaborative task manager and an appointment scheduler, plus a plugin that provides a simpler way to embed videos in your e-mails.

    Prince Egwuato might enjoy that auto-tuned Mr. Rogers clip.

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