Patagonia’s Delightfully Simple Hiking Packs Are 50% Off

Three sizes available, and one's big enough for overnights

February 15, 2019 9:00 am

You don’t actually need anything but socks, water and a decent pair of sneakers to go hiking. Clothes are advisable, especially in family-friendly areas, but in the primitive, survivalist sense, you could get away without them.

Same goes for a decent backpack: not an essential, definitely recommended. What we can comfortably say you don’t need, though, is one of those byzantine jobbies with a zillion little pockets for cords and electronics and your assorted EDC ephemera. You’re going for a hike, not attempting to breach the Pentagon.

Which is all to say that Patagonia’s Nine Trails packs are very good hiking packs, and right now three sizes (the 20L28L and 36L) are going for a hefty 50% discount at Moosejaw, along with free two-day shipping. It’s a wonderfully simple and minimal daypack: one main pocket with a sleeve for your hydration bladder, one small zippered pocket for your personal effects, two elastic exterior pockets and a mesh stow pocket for a jacket or wet clothes. The smallest version is actually svelte enough for trail-running, while the largest could conceivably get an ultralight hiker through 2-3 nights on the trail.

BUY THE 20L: $130 $65    BUY THE 28L: $160 $80    BUY THE 36L: $200 $100

And it’s made by Patagonia, which — let’s be honest — means it will earn you covetous glances from fellow hikers to boot.

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