Here’s a Giant Camouflage Beer-Cooler Backpack

Because hunting and drinking go together like peas and carrots

February 9, 2017 9:00 am

Some of my Colorado friends recently got married in Steamboat, and for a little day-time activity, they arranged for us to wander into the woods, drink beer and shoot skeet. With shotguns. This was not a legal function. Nor was it an illegal function. In fact, a ranger arrived about two hours into our shoot to inform us that we could shoot guns there, and we could drink there, but we shouldn’t shoot guns and drink there.

So we left.

But had all of our beers been stowed in the Orca Podster MOLLE Backpack Cooler, that range might’ve left us alone. Because this baby’s rocking a pretty devastating camouflage outer that even a seasoned ranger might miss. It also would’ve made the to and fro a good spot easier. Backpack coolers rarely hold enough for a wedding party, which is exactly what makes the MOLLE a stellar find: it’s got 3.5 gallons of space. That’s a barrelful, by the looks of it. And it’s waterproof, too.

For all you scoffing at gun play and hunting, the MOLLE is also a great option for camping and festivals.

And yes, there are still festivals where you can BYOB: we recommend Jazz Fest.

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