Oh Hell Yes These Speakers

Fat Bottomed Girls

By The Editors
March 18, 2015 9:00 am

Once, man had a dream.

A dream that his outdoor wireless speakers would actually work.

Wouldn’t stop working in the rain. Wouldn’t lose connection. Wouldn’t sound like a wheezing one-inch tweeter in a rusting Honda.

Admittedly, a small dream. But a dream nonetheless.

That dream realized: the Om Sound System, available for preorder.

Eye-poppingly colorful, powered by the sun and immune to the elements, the Om was designed in Italy by award-winning designer Matteo Bazzicalupo (his lamp’s in the MoMA; his other works are also pretty impressive).

So it’s a looker: minimalist touch display, LED lights around the cylinder and available in a variety of unique coatings (natural sandstone, corten, concrete).

Barring catastrophic atmosphere changes, you’ll never run out of power (thanks, sun).

You’ll never lose sound. The connection is a mix of Bluetooth and radio, good from 80 feet away.

And about that sound: We tested it out. Well-rounded. Lots of depth. Crisp. Plays the hell out of “Fat Bottomed Girls.”

The Om works at temps near zero and as high as 120. And the photovoltaic cells on top are housed beneath a waterproof layer. Meaning rain won’t hurt it.

Neither will spilled drinks.

Party’s starting early for some of us.

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