Nobody Beats the Biz

By The Editors
May 14, 2012 9:00 am

Sure, a well-designed business card is impressive — just look at that subtle off-white coloring, the tasteful thickness of it, oh my God it even has a watermark — but once you’ve received one, it tends to clutter your desk/wallet until you can file it away.

Rest easy, Patrick Bateman. Make those cards work for you with Cardmunch, the free iPhone app that instantly converts biz cards into phone and LinkedIn contacts, available for download now.

Simply use the app to photograph a business card and Cardmunch’s team of real-live, actual humans will flawlessly transcribe the details within minutes.

Cardmunch will then match the contact to a LinkedIn profile, allowing you to connect with one-click. If you don’t use LinkedIn, don’t worry — Cardmunch saves the card’s details and photo to your iPhone so you can look up a contact at anytime.

Now with your contacts digitally stored, you can rid yourself of the business card clutter that’s accumulated on your desk. Oh my God. Is that a trashcan?

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