MIRROR Is Dropping Its Own Line of Dumbbells Later This Month

Oh, and The Mirror itself is under $1,000 for the first time ever

A man curling a MIRROR dumbbell.

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MIRROR just announced its first new product since launching The Mirror three years ago — a line of dumbbells and ankle weights that will be available for purchase on November 22nd.

Similar to connected fitness machines like Tempo and Tonal — which mimicked MIRROR’s “at-home mirror workout” concept but tacked on weight-training apparatuses — MIRROR will now be able to offer classes that prioritize strength training, with smart weights that collect information and customize training to fit a specific user’s needs.

In other words: these aren’t your usual hexagonal rubber 10-pounders. Each MIRROR weight pairs with The Mirror, and allows the device to provide “real-time rep tracking, form correction and recommended amount of weight to use with specific workouts.” The AI becomes a personal trainer, essentially, holding your hand as you build a base, then making sure your workouts don’t plateau down the line.

It’s some pretty impressive tech, and it doesn’t look half-bad, either. Each dumbbell is made with zinc face plates in a matte chrome finish. The weight number glows in bright blue next to the MIRROR logo. Unsurprisingly, this will all come at a cost — according to a press release, one 20-pound weight will run you $150 — but considering the investment you’ve already put into The Mirror, shelling out for a set of intelligent weights that’ll open up a trove of new workout options is likely worth it.

And if you don’t have The Mirror but have long flirted with the idea, right now is a great time to make moves. MIRROR is running its Black Friday for the entire month of November (in order to avoid the shipping delays that troubled most connected fitness brands last holiday season). You can currently score $500 off The Mirror, plus free delivery and installation, which is valued at $250. By our count, $750 is more than enough spare change to buy yourself some dumbbells. 2022 you will thank you.

Watch this space for updates on the dumbbells drop, and to shop the current deal, head here.

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