Flight Club

By The Editors
May 18, 2012 9:00 am

You can easily earn frequent flyer miles, rewards, and points these days, but understanding their relative redemption value is a frustrating task of Chuck E. Cheesian proportions — like, my kid’s skee ball tickets are worth how many kewpie dolls again?

Skip that hassle, and ensure you’re getting the best possible deal across your miles, points, and rewards programs, with Milewise.

To get started, just log in with your email, enter your desired flight dates and destinations, and the site instantly ranks the best deals and compares them to their cash value.

For example, the best options for a New York to L.A., trip may be 25,000 Starwood Starpoints (“like paying $360”), $398 in cash (“like paying $361, and you’ll earn 1,749 miles”), or 17,488 AMEX points (“like paying $369).

Milewise also keeps a running log of your accounts’ comparative cash value (e.g., your 5,000 JetBlue points cost $1.29/pt. for a cash value of X).

Milewise will also notify you about expiration dates, premium levels, plus special getaway offers.

Pardon me sir, how many skee ball tickets for Cabo San Lucas, please?

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