Mendr Will Photoshop Your Crummy Vacay Photos in No Time

Can you Photoshop my ex out of this?'

July 5, 2017 9:00 am

You can use those Gingham, Lark and Amaro Instagram filters all you want. Those blurry summer-vacation pics aren’t going to get much better unless you hire a professional photo editor. And now there’s an app that’ll virtually hire you one.

Mendr, rightly dubbed the “Uber of Photoshop,” is an iOS and Android app where you submit a photo, explain what you want done (change the background, remove wrinkles, merge the best elements of two photos, etc.) and a real-life human editor will do the fix. (Only caveat? No nudity. Shucks.) 

Mendr (4 images)

Those editors, much like anyone in today’s on-demand economy, are freelance photogs with a little time on their hands and bills to pay. Your price depends on how much you need changed in your photo. An “Editor’s Touch” option, however, is free and allows the professional to decide how best to fix your blurry visit to Niagara Falls.

Summer’s looking better already.

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