Head Case

By The Editors
August 28, 2014 9:00 am

On tap this Labor Day weekend: something fancy.

Not Iggy Azalea fancy.

But makes Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” sound as good as she looks.

Introducing: the new line of super-luxe headphones from Master & Dynamic, available now.

Just launched, the New York-based M&D crafts striking, industrial-looking headsets with some very nice details. And a rich, warm sound.

On the outside: Forged aluminum body. Stainless steel components. Earpads that swivel on hinges.

And those details: woven cords, hidden mute button, dual headphone jacks and a mic that’s actually within convenient distance of your face hole.

Plus: really comfy ear pads. Credit the dual memory foam/lambskin construction.

Each set comes with a canvas carrying case and a leather cable box. And its own metal display stand (sold separately).

We immersed ourselves in the over-ear MH40, but M&D also crafts similarly styled on-ear ‘phones and some cool black and silver earbuds.

The best way to experience all of these: pair ‘em with an hour-long playlist, as curated by InsideHook.

Nothing “Fancy” here.

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