Designers Are Coming for Your Television

The Bild X is so good-looking you might not need to turn it on

September 26, 2017 9:00 am

Who said television isn’t art?

Bodo Sperlein, the creative director at the German electronics brand Loewe, just unveiled a new set that could make your TV the design focal point of your living room. Or, as he puts it, the set could “de-geezer the television.”

Debuting at this week at the consumer electronics show IFA Berlin, Bodo Sperlein’s new concept OLED television — dubbed bild X — was designed to emulate how sails are attached on the mast of a ship. 

Loewe bild x (6 images)

Built from anodized metal with a marble base, the bild is a minimalist, modular panel that utilizes just a single cable and, thanks to its thinness, can be set up number of ways: mounted on a wall via magnets, stood on the floor (where the golden frame is practically invisible and the screen appears to float) or as part of a media console.

The idea here is to hide the bulkier components of the screen somewhere besides the frame, perhaps in the base of the stand or in a separate cabinet. Not a perfect solution, but a handsome one.

While only a concept, it does make the idea of staring at a screen a whole lot nicer.

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