A DSLR in your pocket

Pro quality pics with smartphone ease

By The Editors
October 8, 2015 9:00 am

No camera is as effective as the one you’re carrying.

Hence the ubiquity of the smartphone pic.

But some special occasions require something more flattering than a cheekily named Instagram filter. “Ludwig” and “Crema” ain’t gonna save your vacation pics.

Enter Light.

Co-created by the guys behind VlingoNest and the LTE phone network, Light (preorder starts today) is DSLR smarts packed into a flat, pocket-friendly body.

Forget swapping out expensive lenses or memorizing phonebook-sized manuals.

You can work a cell phone? You can work this camera.

Everything on Light is done through a single shutter button and a 5” HD touchscreen.

As for the pics: Light utilizes 16 different mobile camera modules and fuses those disparate images together with the aid of a proprietary algorithm.

For you, this means pics on par with a pro-level Nikon, up to 52 MP.

It’s great for low-light events, rich colors and intricate details.

Plus, you can adjust the depth of field after you take the photo and share instantly with your social media of choice.

Your memories, now enriched.

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