Deal: This Rare Leatherman Sale Features All the Best Multitools

That includes the new Free collection and the founder’s favorite tool

Leatherman Surge multitool
The best selling Surge is just one of dozens of Leatherman multitools on sale.

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I wish Leatherman had a BuzzFeed-style quiz where I could pick which quarantined celebrity I most identify with and the last bottle of booze in my bar, and it would spit out which multitool I should buy. In all seriousness, they just have so many good options, from the classics to the newfangled, that it’s one of the hardest decisions a gear-minded buyer has to make.

I’m sorry to say, but you’ll have to suck it up, put on your thinking cap and make that decision today, because Leatherman just started a rare spring sale — and all of its best tools are discounted. The multitool originator hardly ever has across-the-board deals like this, so you’ll want to take advantage while it’s live.

In lieu of a quiz, here are the best deals from where we stand: 

  • Want to buy your first Leatherman? Get the Charge+. When we interviewed founder Tim Leatherman, he said this was his tool of choice.
  • Want something you can’t find elsewhere? Every single tool from the brand’s relatively new Free Collection is on sale, featuring industry leading magnetic architecture. We loved these when we tested them.
  • Want the craziest thing they offer? Pick up the Tread Tempo, Leatherman’s Swiss-made watch with tools built into the bracelet. The phrase “so crazy it just might work” was made for this watch.

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