Keys. Wallet. Phone: World Series

Upgrading your checklist of habitual need

By The Editors
October 27, 2015 9:00 am

Keys. Wallet. Phone. The things you carry; your morning mantra. Here’s our bi-weekly guide to carrying them in style. This week: to celebrate the 2015 World Series, some shiny new personal effects for the baseball enthusiasts among you.

Fielders Choice Vintage Glove Wallet

A throwback billfold that will transport you back to your halcyon Little League days. This is pre-loved leather. Each design is completely unique, hand-cut and wax-stitched from vintage Rawlings stock. Good for the necessities — plastic and bills — and maybe a Doc Gooden card or two.

Playball Leather Case

American’s favorite pastime meets its newest: staring at your smartphone. If you must, try this case on for size: genuine Italian leather stitched with waxed linen. Things it won’t do: catch a foul ball. Keep your head on a swivel out there.

Fence busters: Charge on the go (sans cord) with Prelude and edit and share your favorite home-run moments at light-speed with Gnarbox.

Key Play

Watching the big game most likely entails having a few cold ones. Here’s a little number to assist you in cracking ‘em, along with a handsome leather loop to make sure you leave the park with your door-openers intact.

Bonus: Looking to Score?

Eephus League has you covered. They of the Field-Notes-esque Official Scorebook recently released the Halfliner: all the design greatness of the original streamlined into a handsomely bound notebook that’ll look right at home on your bookshelf.

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