A Keurig For Booze Now Exists. And It’s … Made by Keurig.

Who’s game for a mojito pod?

November 14, 2018 9:00 am

InsideHook HQ does not run the Keurig fan club. 

One anonymous editor’s take? “Let’s call out that %$@# for what it is: king of shooting boiling water through kid-tested, mother-approved plastic pods to make rancid coffee for so-called adults who are going to drown it in Pumpkin Spice creamer anyway.”

Here are a couple nails on a chalkboard for that editor’s ears: Keurig is doubling down on in-vitro beverages with Drinkworks, a new, gleaming machine that spits out stiff drinks, from White Russians to white wine peach sangrias. 

keurig (4 images)

How does the thing work? A whole lot like a Keurig. Drinkworks offers a healthy swath of “classic collection” pods: cosmos, Old Fasioneds, mojitos, Moscow Mules … the works. Each pod is an infusion of alochol and syrups, which gets sloshed around with water and/or carbonated in Drinkworks’ chilling chamber. For an extra curveball, Drinkworks even mixes beers and ciders with pods, pouring out Beck’s, Bass and Stella. 

Our take? This isn’t awful. We’d probably pass on the beers, while the app (which tells you the machine’s interior temp and sends alerts when it needs cleanng) is a bit superfluous. But for firing out 15-20 cocktails at a backyard BBQ, Drinkworks will definitely stretch further than a bowl of lukewarm punch. Owning one of these for convenience and dipping into your cocktail kit when you need to slice an orange and impress that special someone are not mutually exclusive.

The machine will sell for $300, while each four-pack of pods costs $16. However, it might be a bit of time before you can bring one home. Keurig plans to roll out Drinkworks first in St. Louis, Missouri, then head to California and Florida. If any of that includes you, head here for preorders.

All images from Keurig 

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