Deal: This Modern Classic Audiophile Speaker Is the Cheapest It's Ever Been

At just $899, the KEF LS50 is the best deal in high-end audio

KEF LS50 price drop

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We recently singled out the KEF LS50, which is normally priced at $1,300, as the ideal speaker in a $3,500 complete vinyl setup, paired with a Rega Bria integrated amplifier and a Rega P3 turntable. Well, that $3,500 setup can now be yours for a mere $3,100, as the LS50 has been marked down to $899, making it, without question, one of the best deals in all of high-end audio.

The LS50 was first released in 2012 and has come to be revered for the incredible value it offers, even at its original price. With its innovative design (get a load of those concentric drivers) it somehow manages to hold its own against speakers that cost thousands more. And now that it’s been marked down to less than a grand, it’s an absolute steal.

And the nicest thing about the LS50 — aside from its dead sexy appearance — is that it’s the kind of speaker you can really grow with. It’ll do well paired with mid-tier amplifiers, but if you get the bug and start investing in better electronics, the LS50 will continue to show you everything its capable of.

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