Apper’s Delight

By The Editors
May 23, 2012 9:00 am

They say tapping away at your phone while among company is selfish — after all, there’s a time and place for work email, and playing Words with Friends comes at the expense of actual words with actual friends.

How about an app that promotes magnanimity instead: Karma, letting you easily send your friends real-world gifts, available now.

Just acquired by Facebook, Karma is a super easy-to-use app that lets you buy, wrap, and send gifts to friends/loved ones without going to a store, or even needing their address.

[callout] … buy, wrap, and send gifts without going to a store [/callout]

Download for free (iPhone, Android), sign in, and choose from Karma’s array of gift options, including categories like foodie (hand-crafted chocolate bars), geek (Spotify and Netflix subscriptions), host (wine and tea collections), and romantic (soap sets, caramels, flowers, etc.). Then choose whether to notify the recipient via text, email, or Facebook.

When they open their gift notification, the recipient can choose their favorite style or colors, swap the gift for something else, or donate the value of the gift to charity.

Then they enter their address, Karma wraps and ships the gift, and you’re done.

If anybody gets angry while you’re using your phone, just flip them some Angry Birds.

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