One of Our Favorite Garment Bags Is Now Approved by James Bond

The Bennett Winch Suit Carrier Holdall is featured in the upcoming "No Time to Die"

The Bennett Winch Suit Carrier Holdall in olive
It's a garment bag, it's a travel duffel, it's James Bond approved.
Bennett Winch

The latest James Bond installment No Time to Die is still not out yet, but that hasn’t stopped the Bond Lifestyle blog from deciphering, itemizing and cataloging every garment, watch and piece of gear from the movie’s trailers. 

While there’s no reason for any man to cosplay as Bond in their daily life, there is one particular item they’ve honed in on that every man should absolutely consider: the Bennett Winch Suit Carrier Holdall. It’s part travel duffel, part garment bag, and it’s stood the test of time; the S.C Holdall, designed and made entirely in England, has previously been featured on our lists of the best travel bags for carrying a suit. And now, it will forever more carry the James Bond seal of approval. 

According to the blog, the movie features the bag in the olive colorway, which we would gravitate towards anyway as it’s less fussy than a darker color like black or navy blue (though all three are made from the same premium British cotton canvas and canvas twill). What makes Bennett Winch’s option so great is that it’s a two-piece carry, with a suit bag wrapping snugly around the duffel for easy airport transport that will also leave your garments crease-free. It’s not by any means cheap, but just think about the hassle it’ll save you once post-vaccine travel kicks in, not to mention the sartorial cred it will get you once No Time to Die does hit theaters.


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