InsideCart: What Our Editors Bought in February

Including Adidas trainers, tomato candles and an app-assisted jump rope

March 4, 2024 11:36 am
a collage of items that InsideHook editors bought in Febuary
These are the goods that InsideHook editors shopped for last month.

Nota bene: If you buy through the links in this article, we may earn a small share of the profits.

Welcome to InsideCart, your sneak peek into what we, the discerning and ultra-picky editors of InsideHook, are adding to our own shopping carts each month. Consider it your monthly insight into all things cutting-edge (or charmingly vintage) from your favorite cohort of taste-making product freaks. Last month: A tomato candle (no, not that one) from Jonathan Adler, Adidas trainers for the Samba-fatigued and a tech-assisted jump rope to get totally swole.

I admittedly have been on a bit of a spending freeze in 2024 (I’ve only broken once, we’ll get to that later) but, as you may have guessed, the “free swag” aspect of commerce editing really reveals itself when you’re fiending for that dopamine hit that only receiving a (preferably DHL-delivered) parcel in the mail can deliver. Specifically, I’ve been testing out this app-assisted weighted jump rope situation that fitness-tech hybrid brand Crossrope was kind enough to send over this past month in hopes of getting absolutely braulic for summer. It’s a fun little toy, with guided programs galore and over 2,500 workouts to choose from — you can also, you know, just jump rope — along with tons of stats for the data whores. It’s the lowkey primal swoldier piece of gear to rule them all. Bulging biceps to come, hopefully. — Paolo Sandoval, Commerce Editor

I am absolutely not someone who would ever spend $88 on a fancy scented candle, but I am someone who will spend $35 on said candle if I’m in the mood to buy myself a little treat and I can justify it by reminding myself that it comes in a cute, reusable vessel that can live on my coffee table forever. So when I saw that Jonathan Adler’s Muse Couleur Tomate candle was on sale, I pounced. It’s a tomato-scented candle that’ll make your apartment smell like a fresh garden, with hints of rhubarb, basil, crushed thyme and sandalwood mixed in for good measure, and it comes in one of the brand’s Muse pots, with the faces of the Greek Muses poking out on each edge for a little extra inspiration. And the best news for you? It’s still on sale. — Bonnie Stiernberg, Managing Editor

Last October while in Edinburgh, I had the privilege of staying at The Witchery — a gothic-style property located at the top of the Royal Mile. With just nine suites, all outfitted in rich, jewel-toned textiles and antiques, The Witchery is a one-way ticket to 16th-century Scotland…save for the fact that it’s fully decked out in very 21st-century Dyson amenities. It was here — standing next to a bathtub older than the United States — that I first got my hands on a Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Dryer. Right then and there, I vowed that I would eventually own one of my own. As of this month, I officially do. And reader? It’s changed my life. Unequivocally the best hair dryer that money can buy (albeit a fair bit of money), it’s entirely worth the splurge. — Lindsay Rogers, Associate Travel Editor

A friend of mine was wearing a pair of Levi’s Ribcage Straight Ankle Jeans on a recent night out, and she let me try them on because I loved them so much. I was sold and bought a secondhand pair in a light wash the next day. They’re fitted through the hips without being too tight, and I can throw them on with a pair of leather boots and a sweater for an easy “I didn’t feel like getting ready because it’s still winter” type of outfit. Pro tip for the guys: Wrangler’s cowboy denim delivers the same sort of flattering high-waisted fit. — Amanda Gabriele, Senior Editor

After being taunted by images of these sneakers all over my Pinterest for months, I finally caved and purchased a pair off StockX. I wanted a splash of color to my typical everyday fit — jeans and a white tee — and these Adidas Handball Spezials in a navy and sky blue colorway are the perfect little addition. And while yes, they are quite trendy and remind me of my indoor soccer days (back when I wore Sambas before they were cool), they are extremely comfortable, go with every pair of jeans I own and make me quite happy when I look at them.  — Logan Mahan, Commerce Editor

These are admittedly not the sexiest purchases I’ve ever made, but they nevertheless provided me great joy. We had an unseasonably warm day in New York yesterday, and I felt compelled to grill some meat. My grill, though, a trusty Weber S-335 (don’t underestimate the value of that side burner), was in rough shape, as I’d gotten lazy about cleaning it toward the end of last season. So I took a trip to the local hardware store and picked up Weber’s Exterior Grill Cleaner and Grate Cleaner, along with a scouring brush. In 10 minutes, with very not a whole lot of elbow grease, it looked pretty much the way it did when I bought it. So yeah, not the sexiest purchase, but still pretty fucking sexy if you ask me. — Mike Conklin, Editor-In-Chief

I live in Minnesota, so long underwear has been a wardrobe necessity since I was a little kid. (I even own a union suit with a butt flap.) Everyone who lives in a place where it snows, or even just travels to snowy locales, should own a pair — and this style from Smartwool, which I recently added to my base-layer arsenal after my go-to pair of long johns finally got too threadbare to wear even underneath my clothes, is an insanely soft and reliably warm option I’d recommend to anyone. It’s also 100% merino wool (no weird synthetic additives), and the charcoal heather color is presentable enough that you’ll end up wearing these around the house instead of your favorite sweats. Bonus: When you order these, add one of Smartwool’s free take back mail-in bags: you can then stuff it with your tattered but clean socks (from any brand!), send it back with the included shipping label and Smartwool will see that they’re made into new products rather than shipped off to the landfill. Just another reason to love this brand. — Alex Lauer, Features Editor

…This was my naughty aforementioned purchase. In my defense, when a boxy Muppets-branded tee modeled on a guy doing ollies hits the grid, it’s pretty much impossible to say no. Was I particularly proud to be feverishly refreshing the Supreme webstore at 11 a.m. on a Thursday morning like a BOGO-hungry 14-year-old with an Amex Gold they swiped from their parent’s wallet? No, but sometimes, we have to put our hangups aside if we want to cop an oversized, Warhol-style Rowlf skater tee for $48. No regrets.


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