InsideCart: What Our Editors Bought in April

Including sunglasses, cookbooks and CBN gummies

May 13, 2024 8:35 am
a collage of items that InsideHook editors bought in Febuary
These are the goods that InsideHook editors shopped for last month.

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Welcome to InsideCart, your sneak peek into what we, the discerning and ultra-picky editors of InsideHook, are adding to our own shopping carts each month. Consider it your monthly insight into all things cutting-edge (or charmingly vintage) from your favorite cohort of taste-making product freaks. Last month: Challengers t-shirts, champagne sabres and Ciele sunglasses.

Look, I’ll just say it: Challengers gripped me in a way few films have. (Not in that way. Okay, maybe a little. I wrote about it.) The Guadagnino tennis drama clearly struck a chord with more than just me — an ungodly amount of fancams, and, much more importantly, bootleg merch has popped up around since the movie’s release, including a ton of Etsy versions of the RFK-inspired ” I TOLD YA” tee. I’m not quite that bold, though, so I opted for this slightly more subtle “New Rochelle Challneger” joint from the film buffs over at Super Yaki. It’s more or less the sartorial version of a certain meme. — Paolo Sandoval, Commerce Editor

I acquired a very adult piece of furniture this month. Instead of continuing to suffer through workdays sitting on a rock-hard kitchen chair, I’m now living in the lap of luxury atop my cushy new throne: FlexiSpot C7 Premium Ergonomic Office Chair. I fidget a lot, but this chair adapts to movement, offering lumbar support and reducing spinal and sciatic pressure on the body (my neck is very happy about this). The mesh is super comfortable, and there’s even a footrest that makes the whole experience feel ultra luxurious. — Amanda Gabriele, Senior Editor

Living with a 14-month-old whose mouth seems to have morphed into a teething volcano, scoring a good night’s sleep is like hitting the lottery. On those rare occasions when I know the stars have aligned for me to sleep in, these CBN sleep gummies from Charlotte’s Web are an excellent way to ensure I can do my best Rip Van Winkle impression. Made from hemp grown in the USA and free from both melatonin and CBD, these gummies contain 20mg of CBN, the optimum dose to cut down on sleep disturbances and waking up during the night without leaving you feeling fatigued once it’s finally time to wake up. With these gummies, it won’t be anytime soon. — Evan Bleier, Senior Editor

I’m generally a New York Times Cooking app guy. A seemingly endless number of recipes, actually helpful comments, functionality that makes grocery shopping a breeze. It’s a beautiful thing (and I say that about zero other apps). But sometimes, it’s worth buying and cooking (and baking and drinking) through a whole hardcover cookbook. Erin French’s Big Heart Little Stove is one such book. Last weekend, my wife made French’s morning buns with pistachio and apricot, and they immediately entered the top five baked goods I’ve ever eaten. There are over 75 recipes in the book, all revelatory, none too daunting. I’ll be working through them this summer, and you should too. — Alex Lauer, Features Editor

How sweet are these? Those running hat mavens up in Montreal decided to make running sunglasses. I wore them for eight miles in a heater last week, and can confirm the brand’s copywriting: the hexetate frames never slip down the nose frame and the polarized lenses do indeed block road glare. Full marks — can’t wait to wear these all summer long. — Tanner Garrity, Senior Editor

If you’ve tried their cereal milk ice cream or their iconic cake slices, next on your list has to be their pie. Milk Bar does desserts like no other and this pie is no exception — with a buttery sweet and almost salty crust it perfectly counters the sweet filling. Think pecan pie but better and without the pecans. — Hanna Agro, Editorial Fellow

If you’ve ever considered a kitchen garden…have I got the product for you. I recently got my hands on the new Aerogarden Harvest 2.0 Garden and a random assortment of seeds — snapdragons, lavender, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and jalapeños among them. In less than two weeks, I had a the beginnings of a garden. By week three, I was able to tear enough lettuce off to make a salad. Now, nearly a month in, it’s borderline out of control. I’m nearing, if not past, the point of needing to repot everything I’ve grown to this point. The best part? There’s virtually nothing I can do to sabotage it — it’s entirely self-sustaining. — Lindsay Rogers, Travel Editor

I bought the Made In Champagne saber for my partner’s birthday, and he said it was the best birthday gift he’s ever received. It’s not as intimidating as it looks, but definitely as cool. — Elisabeth Chambry, Director of Commerce and Partnerships

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