If You Wear One Thing This Holiday, Make It This Fitbit (On Sale Now)

Lowest price ever for a personal workout trainer

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Did you know Green Monday was a thing?

It’s apparently been around for over a decade, and it usually refers to the best sales day in December (and it’s now considered the second Monday of the month).

So there are deals to be had today. Here’s a good one: Amazon is taking $50+ off the new-ish Fitbit Versa, an extremely lightweight and water-resistant fitness motivator that provides on-screen personalized workouts, along with the usual wearable perks — heart rate and sleep tracker, 300-song phone-free music player, four-day battery life, etc.

At $148.96, this is tied for the lowest price ever for the Versa. And the really good news? Since we don’t know how long this Amazon sale is gonna last, it’s only about a dollar more at Best Buy and on Fitbit’s own site (which has a bunch of great non-Versa products on sale, too.)

Photos: Fitbit

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